Do Girls Like Flowers

Do girls like flowers

Some men consider flowers to be a non-binding element of romantic relations. They think that sending flowers is really senseless because any plants will die sooner or later. Butinspiteof this inevitable end, the majority of girls do like flowers, and they are sure that flowers play a very important role in a romance.
It is commonly believed that women are extremely practical human beings. But at the same time, women are rather emotional, and feelings and impressions mean much to them. So they are really excited when they get something moving and stirring, like flowers, which always cause a gentle smile, a good mood, and a huge emotional lift.
It’s amusing, but some girls sometimes identify flowers they get with themselves. If a guy gives her an apparently cheap bouquet, she will be definitely upset. She would think that she doesn’t deserve a better-looking, more expensive flower arrangement. So it’s much better to give a girl a luxurious and freshest flower arrangement once a month, for example, than to present her a small, cheap, and too plain bouquet every day. Better less often but more beautiful!

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Girls are not like men, who are much more practical. Sometimes ladies are really unproductive, and they can spend several minutes just looking at the flowers in their living room or bedroom, admiring them and smiling. Some women so believe that flowers can stop time! So guys would rather send flowers to their special ladies as often as they can, to flatter their ladies in the most elegant way and to let them enjoy the moments they like most of all.
Besides girls like not only flowers themselves, but also the moment of giving them. Sometime later, having a gloomy and cheerless spirit, a woman can remember how she had received the flower arrangement, and this memory would joy and delight her when she needs it most of all.

But the most important, perhaps the only reason to send flowers to the girls is that all the ladies deserve them. When a woman receives a flower arrangement she doesn’t care how much it costs. She doesn’t care where a gut has gathered or bought them, in the luxurious mall, in a small flower shop at the corner, in the nearest field, or maybe in his own garden. It all really doesn’t matter. Every man shoulвknow that every woman and girl deserves flowers, because women are like flowers themselves, and because they like flower arrangements most of all in life!

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Flowers are beautiful, delicate, and lovely…. We want you to think of us when you see flowers. We loved being associated with such a beautiful thing.
The reason girls love getting flowers is because of the thought behind them. Sure — every girl loves a pretty arrangement of sunflowers, daisies, and maybe some baby’s breath thrown in, but what they really love, is that you thought of them when you saw them.
Most girls have this preconceived notion of guys giving them flowers. On a first date, the guy will bring a sweet girl a gorgeous flower arrangement for her to adore. It’s a tradition, it’s cliche & it’s just a nice thing for a guy to do. But, I can guarantee you that those flowers you bought mean more to her than a pretty bouquet sitting on her table for a week or two. You saw those flowers — in a store, on the side of the road, or anywhere really — and you thought of her.
You thought of how delicate and beautiful she is.
You immediately thought of her smiling when you hand them to her.
You thought of how she will look at them every day she has them.
You knew that she will take care of them until the very last petal wilts away.
You knew that when she looks at them, she will see you.
She’ll remember that you went out of your way for her, on a Tuesday afternoon, because you knew how much she loved flowers.

Giving flowers to women is a tradition that is ingrained in men from a young age. We see it on TV shows. We get advice about buying flowers for a girl that we are interested in. But really, why do we give flowers to women? And why do women like flowers in the first place?

There are a number of good reasons that men should give flowers to women. They can be used as a romantic gesture, an apology, or even just to say thank you. The common thread is that flowers are a way to express emotions that we feel but often can’t put into words.

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Giving flowers is often an expression of interest

Probably the most iconic reason that men give women flowers is to show romantic interest in them. When women receive a single red rose from a man for no immediately apparent reason, the reason is actually obvious. The guy likes her. The intention is clear.
It is easier for most guys to show their attraction and interest in women through gifts than by saying so directly. This removes some of the awkwardness for the guy of having to tell the girl directly with words that he likes her. The intent is shown in the gift, and then can be followed up with a conversation if the girl is interested in the guy. The flowers can serve as an icebreaker.
This isn’t the best way to show your interest in a woman, but it’s common because it is easier than the more straightforward alternatives. Some guys don’t know a better way or are shy so they resort to the old advice of giving flowers to show that they
are romantically interested. While not all women love flowers (but most do), they do understand the intention when they are gifted flowers.

Giving flowers as a sign of affection

Once you are in a relationship, gifting flowers becomes a way to show your continued affection for the girl that you are seeing. What do you think of when you see red roses or other red flowers? Love of course. They clearly communicate that you love her romantically. And this isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. A random day is often even more meaningful for her. Girls love receiving a surprise flower delivery at work from their boyfriend or husband because it shows that even though they are apart, the guy is thinking of them.
The flowers received at work also show other people that the woman is loved. It is a confidence boost for the woman and a sign that she is cherished. To a woman, flowers are a symbol of being cherished.
The flowers sitting on her desk at work will trigger other people to ask about them, which gives her a chance to tell others about her loving relationship. And every time she glances at the bouquet of flowers, she will think of you. Just glancing at the flower bouquet during her workday gives her a little boost. It subconsciously makes her feel good. Even her male colleagues will take notice.

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