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Galvanized tubs for planting

Galvanized tubs and buckets container garden is a wonderful way to add beautiful blooms on a patio or deck.  
The more patina the galvanized tubs and buckets have gained from being in the elements the better.  I have quite a collection in various sizes.  
Some have holes rusted or worn in them and others will hold water just fine. My galvanized tubs and buckets container garden sits on my back deck along with our patio table and chairs. Our seating area is close by and is surrounded by plants and flowers making for a very relaxing area. 
I switch them up year by year, season by season.  You can use galvanized tubs and buckets with or without holes. I share with you how to do both. 

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How to use Galvanized tubs and buckets with holes

The galvanized tubs and buckets with existing holes get filled with good rich potting soil and planted up with all kinds of flowery goodness.  
I don’t stick to any planting rules like a thriller, spiller, etc.  I usually like sticking to a couple of plants with rich color and offset them both with maybe a white or foliage plant that makes a striking contrast.
The Japanese Maple towards the back is showing its standard black plastic pot, I have yet to find a tub around here that it will fit in, it is sitting on top of a coffee can to give it added height.

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How to add height to galvanized tubs and buckets container garden

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This is a trick I use in many of my buckets and tubs. In this case, a recycled cottage cheese tub is just the right size to give the added height needed.
I added a smaller pot with some trailing geranium to the bucket alongside the potato vine.
I like this method as I can switch out what I have in the bucket according to my whim. Just pull out one potted plant and replace it with another.

Galvanized Tub Fountain

The tub to the right in this shot I have turned into a fountain.  My whiskey barrel that was the base for my fountain started to deteriorate (it is well over 15 years old) so last summer I transferred the pump apparatus to this big galvanized tub.
I put it on casters so I could move it around more easily. I am trying to figure out a way to add another bucket so it will cascade down two levels, more on that later if I succeed.
The bucket setting beside the pump has a horsetail plant and an ivy geranium in it. 
The bucket bottom had completely rusted out so I added a plastic dish to the bucket that is wider than the bucket base, it catches against the sides and provides a bottom for the potted horsetail plant.  
Since they like sitting in water I keep the dish filled with water.  The potted ivy geranium sits on the soil of the horsetail plant.

Alternatives to Galvanized Tubs

Another container I just love is crocked, I think they go so well with the tubs, and soon I should do a post on my crock containers.
This crock is holding a potted bamboo, I think it is Golden Bamboo but I am not certain a friend digs them out of her yard and gives them away.
All my bamboo is in pots on my deck and not in the ground.  I have them placed around my deck to add a tropical touch.
I have been having a lot of fun fixing up this back corner of the deck.  
We had a table and chairs here last year but this summer I wanted a more comfy lounging area rather than a dining area.

Unimaginable Galvanized Tub Uses in the Garden
Use a Galvanized Tub for Flowers

 Using a Galvanized Tub for Flowers like this would look amazing on a wooden stand in the garden.
Create a Mobile Container Garden

What do you get when you combine galvanized tubs and casters? Mobile planters that give you the twofold advantage of growing various plants in raised garden beds, as well as shifting them around, to maintain ideal weather conditions

Upcycled Garden Hose Storage

This clever storage feature is a must for every forgetful gardener or anyone who is guilty of tripping over the garden hose lying carelessly in a spot. You can also store a garden rope the same way.

Outdoor Light Fixture

Few things are more creative than this series of uniformly-sized light fixtures recreated from galvanized tubs. The minimalistic metal sheen makes a beautiful contrast with the lights, thereby creating a dreamy atmosphere for a fun evening under the stars.

Alpine Garden from Galvanized Tubs

Galvanized tubs become good containers for growing alpine plants. If you think the container is too big and getting heavy, consider filling it with some empty jugs before adding the soil.

DIY Garden Fountain

Make your garden more inviting with this charming outdoor fountain created from reclaimed objects like a watering can, galvanized tub, and pump. The gushing sound of the water will drown out your woes and offer a calm atmosphere to rewind in the lap of Mother Nature.

Tiered Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in this tiered herb garden made from galvanized tubs. Good for limited spaces, one more benefit is you can move it around to test different sun spots to grow a productive herb garden.

Make Trough Vegetable Garden

Galvanized troughs can be used as raised beds, bringing the soil to the waist level for easier maintenance. Plus, they look good and a way more durable and long-lasting than wooden ones
Outdoor Coffee Table from Metal Tubs

Turn a galvanized tub upside down or simply fill it up with some handpicked yard finds such as redwood branches and birch logs, then top it with a layer of glass for a fascinating outdoor table that is sure to set the pace for an interesting evening chat.

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