Brown Flowers

Brown flowers

Among gardeners, brown flowers are very popular. A friend of mine said the brown color brings the garden a balanced vibe. It’s always fun to have bright color in your garden, But the brown color gives it more plentiful. Some of us wonder what kind of beautiful brown flowers we have to grow and what it looks like. Well, that is what the rest articles are about.

The Meaning of Brown Flowers

Brown Flowers
Brown Flowers represent warmth and nature. Some brown flowers are so perfect match if you want to send them as a gift with chocolate beside them. Some of that, you can put it as a wedding decoration too and the rest, they are so beautiful on their habits. Types of Brown Flowers 

·         Dahlia 

Dahlia or as known as Dahlia Pinnata on their botanical name. Dahlia has dark-red plants and rusty bronze brown on their petals. Not to forget that they have such a pretty golden color on the centers of their petals. Dahlia itself has a lot of colors, not only brown color. But the rarest Dahlia is the Brown Dahlia. 

Brown Dahlia has 3.5 inches flower size and approximately 54 inches for their height. If you are lucky, you can find brown dahlia in the mid-season of the year.

·         Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco or as known as Nicotiana spp for its botanical name is a very unique type of brown flower. They come from the United State of America, Australia, southwest Africa, and also the South Pacific. Nicotiana spp is commonly used to produce cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Nicotiana spp has 1 to 5 feet tall. Nicotiana is also a great plant to give a mid-summer boost since they bloom so nicely. Flowering Tobacco has many varieties ranging in size with various colored flowers and even fragrances. But the famous one is the brown flowering tobacco since it will turn into dark brown-reddish color after a while. 

·         Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus or Hibiscus rosa – Sinensis is also known as Chinese hibiscus, China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus, rose mallow, and so on other names. Tropical Hibiscus is a species that easily to be found all over Asia and is widely grown as an ornamental plant in some tropics and subtropics areas.

Hibiscus Rosa – Sinensis has a maximum of 5 meters or around 16 feet for their height with glossy leaves. They grow so fast when it comes to the summer and autumn seasons. They have 5 petals on their flowers with at least 10 cm for their diameter.  Tropical Hibiscus usually has brown-bronze tones and gray, and charcoal colors for their flowers. 

·         Boat Orchids

As known as Cymbidiums as their other names. Boat Orchids have yellow peaches with a deep crimson throat. In the beginning, they have another color for their flowers but since cymbidium needs moisture, if their habits are not moist enough, and also, especially if they lack water, it will turn the color brown. 

·         Cattleya Velutina

Cattleya Velutina is rare species from Brazil. With their yellow-bronze flowers, they amaze a lot of people with them. Cattleya has white and purple stripes on their petals and also a bright yellow on their throat. It also has uniquely fragrant and also not easy to be found in nature. Cattleya Velutina needs warm temperatures and a shady place to avoid high levels of light. 

. Charlie Brown Rose

Charlie brown rose is a miniature from rose cultivar forms numerous. It has a very small size, which is two inches wide but has a lot of amount of petals, especially in summer, charlie brown rose will have brown flowers with more than 9 petals on each flower. Charlie Brown Rose looks beautiful to decorate your garden. The leaf ornaments are so unique like galaxy flower type.

·         Graham Thomas Austin Rose

Rosarium Baden rose is the botanical name of this brown flower. Graham Thomas Austin Rose always has a brown color at the edges of their golden flowers. It has a very tall height and is known as a double petal flower. People called it a double petal flower because each flower always has 30 or more for its petals.

Rosarium Bade Rose is also familiar as a decoration flower. Most people put it in their garden or on the wall of their yard. It looks so beautiful due to its amount of petals and its color as well. 

·         Blanket Flower

Sounds so comfy when you heard about blanket flowers right? This blanket flower or people known as gaillardia species in the botanical world. People also called it a blanket flower because it can cover your ground like a blanket. The blanket flower has yellow color from its edges, brown color in the center, and also very lovely red petals. With this three combination of color on their flowers, it looks so beautiful when you have this in your yard.

Absalon Tulip or Tulipa ‘Absalon’

There are so many types of tulips and one of them is the Absalon tulip. Absalon tulip is an unusual type of tulip because it has a brown color for its petals with very rich yellow swirls inside. Absalon Tulip is also known as the oldest type of tulip since it was found in 1780 and growing so fast when it’s the spring season.

Absalon tulip also needs less water when it is in the summer season and the easiest way to grow it is with average, well-drained, rich soil moisture needs. For other information, the Absalon tulip or Tulipa Absalon has 12 – 24 inches in their height and 4 – 8 inches in their weight.

If you like an old theme in your room, the Absalon tulip is a perfect choice for that. Their colors will bring you back to the old style, especially if you put them inside a library or reading room.

Brown Flowers

Hardy Mums (Chrysanthemum Rubellum)

Hardy mum or chrysanthemum rubellum primarily bloom in the fall season. They have a very wide color. If you have a hardy mum in your yard or garden, it will give you to achieve four-season interest. Hardy mums reach 2-4 feet tall and 1-3 feet for their wide. They have a lot of color variations such as gold, yellow, bronze, red, white, and so on. You can find hardy mums easily in Asia and European countries.

Brown Flowers

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