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Birthday flower cake

If you’re looking to make a simple but stunning cake for your next party, there really isn’t anything more classic than a flower birthday cake. From roses to tulips, learning how to pipe buttercream frosting flowers is easy. With just a few decorating bags, tips, and spatulas on hand, there are endless combinations of cake decorations to make for your celebration.
We’ve made it super easy for you to get started by putting together a list of some of the best happy birthday flower cakes around. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced cake decorator, this list has something for everyone. We have all you need to make your next birthday cake a blooming success.

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⦁ Buttercream Flower Cake

Your cake is your canvas when you make this gorgeous summertime flower birthday cake. It’s lovely, but very easy to make because no bags and tips are required. Just blend shades of green and blue icings together and top it off with simple buttercream flowers — all made with only a couple of cake spatulas.
Blooming with summery buttercream flowers, this Summer Blooms Buttercream Flower Cake is almost too pretty to eat! Create a beautiful watercolor background by blending shades of green and blue icings together, then top your cake off with simple buttercream flowers. Best of all, no bag and tip needed! This entire cake is decorated with just a couple of spatulas. A stunning centerpiece for a spring shower or birthday, this summery floral cake is one edible arrangement you’ll be proud to show off.


⦁ Favorite Cake Mix or Recipe
⦁ Creamy White Decorator Icing, 4 lb. Tub
⦁ Lemon Yellow Icing Color, 1 oz.
⦁ Leaf Green Icing Color, 1 oz. – Green Food Coloring
⦁ Golden Yellow Icing Color, 1 oz.
⦁ Sky Blue Icing Color, 1 oz.
⦁ Moss Green Icing Color, 1 oz.


⦁ Tapered Spatula
⦁ Non-Stick Cooling Grid – 14.5 x 20-Inch – Cooling Rack
⦁ Performance Pans Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 8-Inch
⦁ Decorator Preferred 9inch Angled Spatula
⦁ Cake Icing Smoother
⦁ 8-Inch Cake Circles, 12-Count


⦁ • • 1 Bake cakes.
⦁ Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool three cake layers. Trim one layer to 1 in. high. Level, fill, and stack for 5 in. high cake.
⦁ • 2 Tint icing.
⦁ Using Sky Blue icing color, tint 1 cup of white icing each light blue and dark blue. Using Golden Yellow icing color, tint ¼ cup of white icing yellow. Tint 1 cup icing each teal and green using color combinations provided. Combine Sky Blue and Leaf Green icing colors to get the teal colors shown. Combine Moss Green, Sky Blue, and a touch of Lemon Yellow icing colors to get the green color shown. Reserve remaining icing white.
⦁ • 3 Ice cake.
⦁ Using 9 in. angled spatula, swipe light blue, dark blue, green, and teal icing randomly around the cake. Smooth using icing smoother.
⦁ • Click to mark this step as completed
⦁ •4. Decorate cake.
⦁ Using the tip of an angled spatula and white icing, form flower petals. Using the tip of an angled spatula and green icing, form leaves.
⦁ • Using the tip of the tapered spatula, add yellow and green icing to the center of each flower.

⦁ Beautiful Fall Flowers Buttercream Cake

Made with bold colors, this fall flower cake is sure to make a statement at any autumn birthday celebration. You only need to know a few simple flower decorating techniques, including rosettes and leaves, so it’s a great birthday cake for beginners to make. The best part is, no one needs to know just how easy it was!

Create a fabulous (and edible!) Fall flower arrangement with this Fall Flowers Buttercream Cake. Decorated with a variety of rosettes and stars, this fall cake features bold frosting colors in fun, textured designs. A beautiful cake design for a fall wedding cake, shower, or birthday party. This cake is simple enough for beginner cake decorators and is a great way to show off your piping skills!


Favorite cake mix or recipe
Basic Yellow Cake
Buttercream Frosting
Lemon yellow food coloring
Brown food coloring
Kelly green food coloring
Teal food coloring
Black food coloring
Golden yellow food color
Orange food coloring
Christmas red food coloring
Red food coloring


2 6-inch round cake pan
Cooling rack
Decorating bag
Open Star Tip 1M.
Petal tip 104
Open Star Tip 4B.
Large drop flower tip 2F
Standard Open Star Tip 32
Angular spatula


⦁ Bake the cake: Prepare the cake batter following the instructions. Bake and cool two 6-inch cake layers.
⦁ Make the frosting: Prepare buttercream frosting according to recipe instructions.
⦁ For a 4-inch high cake, level, fill, and stack. Lightly smooth the cake using the prepared buttercream frosting.

⦁ Tint Frosting: Divide the vanilla buttercream into 5 equal parts. Paint each part with a combination of the colors provided after each burnt orange, light tea, dark tea, brick red, and yellow following color combinations provided.

⦁ Burnt Orange: Combine orange, the touch of lemon yellow, and a touch of brown food coloring
⦁ Light and Dark Teal: Combine teal, kelly green, and touch of black food coloring
⦁ Brick Red: Combine red-red, lemon yellow, the touch of Christmas red, and a touch of black food coloring
⦁ Yellow: Combine lemon yellow, golden yellow, and a touch of black food coloring.

⦁ Prepare decoration bags: Prepare bags with the following tips and frosting:
Tip 1M and deep tail icing
Tip 104 and light tail icing
Tip 4B and red brick icing
Tip 2F and yellow icing
Tip 32 and the spatula striped with burnt orange and yellow icing
6 . Decorate the cake: Starting with tips 1M and 4B, randomly rose the pipe on the cake.

  1. Fill in the blanks with stars and roses, using all the tips.
  2. Using tip 104, loosen the pipe.
  3. Continue until the cake is covered.
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