Flowers To Get A Girl

Flowers to get a girl
Favorite Flowers

What are girls’ favorite flowers? This data is based on one year worth of the most recent online flower orders. We separated each of the flower types into sections based on what kind of flower was predominantly used in flower bouquets. We also used bouquets including only a specific type of flower for our women’s favorite flowers list. See below for our Send Flowers USA flower statistics and the best flowers to send a girl.

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Flowers for Girlfriends, Wives

We speak with shoppers of every age and demographic who want to order flowers. We know some of you have a hard time picking the perfect flowers for a girlfriend, wife, or daughter, simply because of the amount available to choose from. That’s why we wanted to create this women’s top 10 favorite flowers list. Her favorite flower is easier to pick than you may think. Use this helpful guide to learn the best flowers to give a girl before you surprise her. When you know the data and static findings for what kind of flowers to get a girl, you can order with confidence.

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What Flowers to Get a Girl

Pink Roses

So what are the best flowers to get a girl? You may be surprised to find that the best flowers for girlfriends, wives and other women in your life are pink, not red. For the best flowers to give to a girl, apparently pink roses are the optimal choice according to numerous buyers. For flowers, girls love, a pink rose is a clear winner. Most women chose to order bright pink roses or light pink roses for flower delivery, no matter the location. The particular hue of pink didn’t seem to matter. While pink long stem roses delivery was favored, women also showed an almost equal love of mixed pink rose bouquets. If you want a premium bouquet then opt for 12 dozen long stem roses delivery, but if that’s a bit pricy for you, then go ahead and order a beautiful and inexpensive mixed bouquet with pink roses. Statistically speaking, in her eyes, they are equivalent. Number one of the most popular flowers to give a girl or woman in your life, are pink rose bouquets. If you feel overwhelmed asking yourself what flowers should I get your girlfriend, just go with pink roses? So what are the other best flower types?

Red Roses

While no one was surprised to see red roses on our top 10 flowers to give a girl list, we were surprised to find that it ranked number two. Obviously holding at the second position of women’s favorite flowers to order, it’s not exactly in a shabby spot, but we were surprised that it wasn’t number one. When we first think of the types of flowers to give her, a red rose immediately springs to mind. For a truly romantic rose delivery, red roses are definitely the most romantic flower. The pricing varies widely from premium rose bouquets to the cheapest rose bouquet delivery. In fact, the numbers were so spread out, that we really can’t say that a single rose delivery isn’t favored over a 24-long stem rose delivery. What we can see are that people purchasing anniversary roses tend to buy large rose bouquets, whereas numerous other rose deliveries range from single roses to various red rose mixed bouquets. The roses’ beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The only statement we can make without any doubt is that it ranks number two on the popular flowers for girls scale.


Bouquets of daisies are a very popular flower choice for girls. For an affordable and quaint arrangement, they’re great types of flowers to buy for a girl of any age. Don’t ask us what color of daisies are the best from these popular favorite flowers though. There were too many daisy bouquets to make a definitive decision, and all these daisy arrangements were ordered equally. Pink, lavender, yellow, and white daisies are our office flower favorites, but as far as what color daisies are most popular? It’s hard to tell with our current statistics about flowers which are better. If you’re wondering what flowers to get your girlfriend or wife from the daisy section, pick what you like, or her favorite color. If we had to pick one from our online flower delivery statistics, traditional white daisies barely slide by first. If you want to send someone daisies, you could opt for a mixed daisy bouquet with multiple colors or a traditional white daisy bouquet.

4. White Lilies

The white lily is such a beautiful flower. We could joke that it’s hard to tell because of its popular icon Ella Fitzgerald putting a lily in her hair, but we think it’s just because it’s one of the most beautiful flowers. Though maybe one of the more common favorite flowers, it rests easily in position number five as one of the best flowers to give a woman. White lilies are also a favorite thank you flower delivery amongst women. This regal white flower is one of the best flowers to buy a girl of any age, and for good reason. Women and young ladies of all ages order these white lilies online for delivery as thank you flowers, flowers for husbands, and even as flowers for mothers-in-law. Whether it’s a white lily bouquet or a calla lily bouquet, you can’t seem to lose with this one. Women order these types of flowers, a lot.

5.  Tulips

Our online florists were so happy to see tulip delivery make the top 10 best flowers list. We weren’t able to decipher a favorite tulip color because it looks like floral customers just switch over their color tastes when the season changes. Depending on the season, tulips will be available in different colors. Girls love tulips, and the tulip bouquet delivery requests don’t stop. We would recommend for tulips online, that you order whatever the seasonal tulips are that are offered. That way you’ll get freshly cut flowers delivered and the best quality tulips a florist has available. If you’re determined to pick a girl’s favorite color tulip, then based on our data, we would have to say pink or yellows tulips. It’s also pretty easy to find mixed tulip bouquets featuring both light pink tulips and canary yellow tulips together. Most shops will carry these mixed versions because once again based on the shopping data, they’re very popular. At number seven on our, what kind of flowers do girls like list, tulips have secured their spot in the sunlight.

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