Flowers That Mean I Miss You

Miss You Flowers

In the language of blossoms, these are six blossoms that mean I miss you.

Partake in these blossoms and their implications and starting points.

6 Flowers That Mean I Miss You

There are many events when you should utilize blossoms to communicate sensations of missing somebody. This rundown has blossoms that address the passing of a friend or family member, blossoms that mean strength, or one significant miss you.


Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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Zinnias (Zinnia of the Asteraceae family) are one of the summer’s longest sprouting blossoms, known for their energetic daisy-like petals in all shades of the rainbow.

The name Zinnia comes from a botanist, Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn. You can involve these North and South American-local blossoms for everyday recognition, enduring fondness, perseverance, goodness, and consideration of companions.

Stargazer Lilies

Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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Stargazer lilies (Lilium Stargazer of the Liliaceae family) are crossover lilies named for the vertical bearing of the blossom face. These pink, red, and white blossoms say, “I miss you profoundly.”

The bloom’s vessel shape gives implications of feelings and true sentiments, despairing, or forlornness. Lily is from leiron – Queen of the Greek divinities. A Madonna lily (white) signifies “I miss you,” trust, and love.

Single Rose

Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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Roses – Rosa of the Rosaceae family – are chiefly related to sentiment and love. Nonetheless, there are however many implications for roses as there are varieties.

A solitary white rose conveys “I miss you” and addresses truth and earnestness. Roses have connections to Greek and Roman folklore starting points and goddesses Iris – of the rainbow – and Aphrodite – of adoration.

Darling Roses

Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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You can likewise utilize Sweetheart roses (Rosa’ Cécile Brünner’) to represent missing somebody extraordinary. These roses are more modest and come in yellow, white, and pink varieties.

To convey sensations of “I miss you,” pick darlings in pink, peach, and cream. This cultivar happened in France by Marie Ducher during the 1800s. In 1881, the species was sent off to people in general by Joseph Pernet-Ducher.

White Orchids

Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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Orchids (of the family Orchidaceae) are elegant, beguiling express roses that can send an implicit message of “I miss you” or “I need you.” White orchids additionally address respect, virtue, guiltlessness, and trust.

Orchids white means balls in Greek, giving these blossoms sexual references to temptation and want. Orchids additionally have relationships as blossoms of death.


Flowers That Mean I Miss You
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Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus of the Caryophyllaceae family) are among the most famous blossoms for celebrating unique events. Utilize a white carnation to address recognition or missing somebody.

Carnation is from the Greek royal celebration, where the blossoms were utilized for stately crowns. Pink carnations mean a remarkable individual, and red is love or profound respect. In numerous South and Central American societies, fragile blossoms are normal for memorial services, making them a bloom that addresses passing.

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